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We Design, Develop and Deliver

Artema Medical Solutions is your avant-garde partner in the realm of IT development. We specialize in delivering a spectrum of cutting-edge services, ranging from custom software development and web application design to cloud solutions and cybersecurity.

Robust & Inspiring Technology

ERP Software Development

We design, develop, and integrate customized enterprise solutions that penetrate every active part of your organization. Our ERP system benefits businesses with data consistency and cost-effectiveness.

System Upgrades

ERP implementation helps you stay one step ahead of competitors by applying consistent upgrades. We regularly assess the existing state and implement improvements ensuring the functionality of new features.

Seamless Data Migration

We ensure error-free data migration while introducing newer and better technologies into the data architecture. We make sure that the user experience, along with development is well streamlined.

Supply Chain Management

We provide custom ERP software development for organizations that wish to manage, monitor, and control sales, distribution, purchases, and so on to manage their supply chain effortlessly.

CRM Solutions

Priortizing Structured Workflow

Thinking A Little Different

Our CRM Development Services
Healthcare CRM Systems

Empower your healthcare institution with tailored CRM systems, seamlessly managing patient relationships and optimizing workflows for enhanced efficiency and satisfaction.

Medical Sales CRM:

Experience a new era in medical sales with AMG's CRM, leveraging state-of-the-art technologies for swift lead management and sales automation. Our innovative solution ensures efficiency and rapid growth, empowering your team to navigate the dynamic landscape of medical product and service sales seamlessly.

Telemedicine CRM:

AMG's Telemedicine CRM is at the forefront of virtual care, employing the latest technologies to guarantee smooth remote consultations and secure patient interactions. Transform healthcare delivery with our innovative solution, enhancing speed, efficiency, and patient engagement in the telemedicine space.

CRM Support and Maintenance

Reliable support and maintenance services to keep your CRM system running smoothly, providing ongoing assistance for uninterrupted business operations.

CRM Integration and Deployment

Strategically integrate and deploy CRM solutions, aligning them with your business objectives for enhanced productivity and customer satisfaction.

Latest Technology Stack

Stay ahead with our cutting-edge technology stack, incorporating the latest tools and platforms to power your CRM solutions for optimal performance and innovation.

WEB App Development

Nothing Less Than Perfect

Developing Conversion-Focused Websites
Patient Portals

Explore our patient portals, your digital gateway to personalized healthcare. Access medical records, schedule appointments, and engage with your health journey seamlessly.

Healthcare Analytical Tool

Harness the power of data with our healthcare analytical tool. Gain valuable insights, optimize processes, and improve patient care through informed decision-making.

Healthcare Chatbots

Engage with personalized healthcare assistance through our chatbots. From answering queries to providing support, they're here to enhance your healthcare experience, anytime, anywhere.

Ecommerce Website

Elevate your online business with a customized ecommerce website tailored to your products and target audience, driving sales and maximizing conversions.

Community and Forum Websites:

Foster meaningful interactions and build a vibrant online community with a customized forum website, facilitating discussions, knowledge sharing, and networking among members.

Personal Website

Express yourself and showcase your portfolio, blog, or personal interests with a personalized website, reflecting your unique identity and aspirations to the online world.

Membership Website

Create an exclusive online space for your community or organization with a membership website, offering premium content, services, and networking opportunities to subscribed members.

IOT (Internet Of Things)

Things connected, life perfected.

Connect and optimize your IoT ecosystem with our tailored IoT services, enabling seamless communication and control across devices for enhanced efficiency and functionality.
Remote Patient Monitoring

Transform healthcare with our remote patient monitoring tools. Stay in touch with patients, check their health signs, and act early for better care and results, even from a distance.

Telemedicine and Telehealth

Discover healthcare without limits with our telemedicine services. Talk to doctors from home, get medical advice, and treatment without leaving your house.

Biometric Identification

Make sure patients are identified correctly and securely with our biometric ID systems. Use advanced tech to simplify how patients are confirmed and protect their private medical data.

Emergency Response Systems

Make sure patients are safe with our emergency systems. Quickly give help when it's urgent, get better at being ready for emergencies, and make sure we can help fast and well.

DevOps Solutions

"Unleashing Seamless Synergy in Your Digital Realm with Artema's Expertise "

Streamline your development processes with our comprehensive DevOps solutions, integrating development and operations for faster, more efficient software delivery.

MOBILE App Development

Our Top-Notch Mobile App Development Services

We specialize in creating secure and scalable custom Mobile Apps aligned with your business goals. Our services include design, development, testing, and ongoing support. Our experienced team also offers technology consultancy and upgrades to enhance your web presence.We specialize in crafting top-notch mobile applications across

QA & Software Testing

Elevate Your Medical Innovations with Artema's Exemplary Quality Assurance & Testing Excellence

Artema Medical's Quality Assurance and Software Testing services go beyond conventional testing methods. We foster innovation by providing a robust foundation for the development of cutting-edge healthcare technology. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your medical projects not only meet industry standards but also set new benchmarks for reliability and performance.

All Features

Fully Responsive

Experience Seamless Accessibility with Artema Medical Group's Fully Responsive Web Design. Our websites adapt effortlessly to all devices, ensuring a user-friendly experience. From desktops to smartphones, we craft responsive designs that captivate and engage, delivering a flawless online presence for your audience. Elevate your brand with our responsive web solutions.

Clean & Smooth Experience

Immerse Yourself in Effortless Navigation: Experience a clean and smooth journey through our website. Enjoy seamless transitions and intuitive design, providing you with a delightful browsing experience at every click.

Greate Support

Reliable Support, Lasting Excellence. Artema Medical Group is committed to providing unparalleled support and maintenance for your digital assets. Our dedicated team ensures swift resolution, proactive monitoring, and continuous improvement, guaranteeing a seamless online experience. Trust us to keep your digital presence at its best, always.

Search Engine Optimization

Unlock Your Websites Potential with Artema Medical Group. Elevate your online presence with our comprehensive SEO services, including cutting-edge Software Engine Optimization solutions. From keyword research to content optimization, trust us to boost your websites visibility and drive organic traffic. Reach global audiences and dominate search engine rankings with our expert SEO strategies.


Artema Medical blends healthcare expertise with advanced IT services, ensuring excellence in both domains. Trust our proven track record to innovate and succeed in every project. Artema Medical blends healthcare expertise with advanced IT services, ensuring excellence in both domains. Trust our proven track record to innovate and succeed in every project.


Explore cutting-edge services for efficiency, security, and digital presence at every stage. Tailored IT Solutions to Elevate Your Business: Explore cutting-edge services for efficiency, security, and digital presence at every stage.


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Muhammad Nadir Habib
Chief Technology Officer(CTO)
As the CTO at Artema Medical, Muhammad Nadir Habib leads efforts to create better medical tools and treatments. He works with teams from different fields, helps develop new products, and partners with others to keep Artema Medical at the forefront of healthcare tech. Nadir Habib also makes big decisions and manages resources to help the company grow and succeed.

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